ALBARA ALCARRIA GOURMET - Peeling the Saffron Rose

Peeling the Saffron Rose:

It is also known as “desbrizne”, “spruce”, etc., and consists of the separation of the stigmas from the rest of the flower.

To do this the rose is taken with the left hand, and with the thumb nail, the “corner” of the same rose is cut below the insertion of the stigmas, taking these with the
fingers from the right hand. The stigmata will not be cut too high, since the three would be separated, neither too low.

It is of vital importance and one of the keys to the quality of saffron that peeling and dehydration are carried out on the same day of harvesting as the quality of the final product depends in large part on the time it takes to produce the peeling.

It is a traditional operation used throughout centuries, in which the hands are the true protagonists.