Harvesting of saffron takes place from mid-October, although it depends on the climate, as it can be anticipated or delayed, depending on the weather conditions.

Saffron can present an intense flowering, to what is called days of “mantle”, and that lasts from two to six days, beginning this period progressively until finishing this so called period of flowering. Normally, the flowering of a saffron can last for twenty days.

The collection must be done daily, before the hot sun. Therefore it is collected in the early hours of the morning, which will prevent the flowers from wilting, as it will hinder their collection and peeling.

The process of collecting the rose is done one by one and below the insertion of the stigmas, using the thumbnail nail supported on the index. Once cut, the flowers are placed delicately in the baskets, being careful not to crush them.

Subsequently, we will proceed to the peeling of the saffron flower